3 Common Plumbing Problems in Old Homes

by superadmin on February 13, 2017 in Uncategorized

Older homes look classic and they have a certain feel different from modern houses we see today. However, these older homes also have some problems that need to be fixed right away.

1. Rusty and leaky pipes

It’s one of the most common plumbing problems in old homes. It’s also one of the first things to be noticed by the new homeowners.

Pipes get deformed or develop leaks as time passes. It’s the natural course of things no matter sturdy the material is. It’s especially the case when the pipes were always used. It also happens even when almost no water was passing through.

At first, the pipes seem all right because everything’s going well. But because they are now fragile after several years, the problems might only surface later on as you proceed with your daily activities.

How to know if there are leaks? One way is to perform a visual inspection yourself. You can also ask help from professionals if you want to make sure.

2. Blocked drains

Dirt and debris can come in drain pipes through different pathways. Maybe it’s the result of heavy rains and flooding. Whatever the cause, older homes are prone to having blocked drains.

Clogged drain systems can cause sudden flooding. In backyards and other outdoor areas, blocked drains can also result to swamps with stagnant water. It’s unsanitary and it can ruin the landscape.

Some residents attempt the do-it-yourself approach when unclogging blocked drains. However, there are cases when you need powerful tools to perform the job. That’s where experienced drain professionals can help. They can completely unclog the drain even if the debris is pretty solid.

3. Leaking Taps and Faucets that are Difficult to Turn

Leaks can greatly increase your water bill. Even if you only see small drops, day after day and minute after minute, those drops accumulate. Eventually, they can have a considerable effect. In addition, it’s a waste of water which can be used for more productive purposes.

Repairing the taps can be messy and laborious. You need tools and you also need to disassemble a few parts before you can actually start repairing. Furthermore, you have to clean up the mess after the repair.

To make it easier (and to make sure no recurring problems will occur), it’s good to call reliable and experienced professionals to do the job. They have the tools to fix the problem and take away your plumbing worries.

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