What to Ask Before Booking Emergency Plumber Repairs

by superadmin on November 24, 2016 in Uncategorized

During a plumbing emergency, when the pipes have burst, the drain is clogged, or the toilet is overflowing, finding a professional plumber is a home owner’s first priority. Unfortunately, too many dishonourable plumbers use an emergency to jack up the prices or take advantage of the home owner.

It’s possible to avoid those types of plumbers by simply asking the right questions. Here is what to task before booking emergency plumber repairs.

Can You Come Immediately?

The first sign that a plumber isn’t worth hiring is if they can’t respond when needed. It might be because they are fully booked, they aren’t open, or they just don’t put any priority on emergency calls. If the answer is “Yes,” then they are available…but that shouldn’t immediately make them hire able.

Can You Provide A Quote?

There’s nothing worse than getting an emergency plumber but not getting the price until after the work is done. It’s only after they are complete that the home owner gets shocked by the bills, usually loaded with surprise fees and hidden costs.

An honest plumber can provide a written quote, free of charge, even for emergency services. That way, the home owner is never stuck wondering what the final bill will be. A great sign of a professional emergency plumber is honest and upfront pricing.

Can You Provide References?

When in an emergency plumbing situation, it seems like the wrong time to ask for references. It’s actually important that the plumber has a solid reputation in the community for dealing with emergency situations. It’s really just important that they are willing to provide references. It’s not important that the home owner reads the referrals, but they should simply know the plumber is willing to provide some.

Can You Guarantee Your Work?

As a last question, this is one of the most important. Besides being trusted and honest with their pricing, a good plumber should be able to back up the work that they do so that it meets the NSW guidelines for plumbing. Each job should come with a certificate that guarantees the labour and parts of the emergency plumber.  The home owner can rest easy knowing their job was done to the parameters of the NSW guidelines.

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