Clogged Bathtub: 3 Easy & Direct Fix for Sydney Residents

by superadmin on June 29, 2017 in Uncategorized

A clogged bathtub is an unsanitary thing to see. Instead of the used water flowing down the drain, it just stays there. This is a good environment for microorganisms to thrive and multiply. In addition, you and other family members won’t be able to use the bathtub.

That’s why it’s best to fix the problem immediately. Good news is, there are easy and quick solutions to unclog the bathtub. Here they are:

1. Remove the stopper and fish out the clog

Most bathtub clogs are due to the accumulation of hair strands and soap scum. These are easy to remove especially when they’re located just near the surface.

The method starts with removing the drain stopper. It can be removed by turning the knob or pushing it (depends on the design and construction). Then you fish out the hair strands and other debris. Many people use a short wire or anything that can fit into the drain as long as the clog will be hooked out and removed.

2. Use the plunger

It’s recommended to use a different plunger (different from the one you use in the toilet) for sanitary purposes.

The principle is the same. The pumping motion and water movement will make the clog move down the drain. A few tries might be enough to fix the problem.

3. Ask for a drain professional

The above methods only work for minor clogging. For solid clogs that can’t be displaced or located further down the drain, professionals should do the job.

Many professionals do drain snaking to directly remove the clog. Some pipes and parts might be disassembled to remove the clog. Then, the plumber’s snake can go through the bends and junctions. It can then hook or push down the clog.

Clogged bathtub Sydney

Fixing a clogged bathtub is easy. In most cases, removing the stopper and fishing out the clog will be enough. In a few cases where the clog is solid or it’s located further down the pipe, a professional using a drain snake can completely solve the problem.

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