Drain Blockage: How to Have a More Permanent Solution

by superadmin on July 5, 2017 in Uncategorized

A drain blockage is a common problem in old and even new properties (whether residential or commercial). People don’t pay much attention on how drain systems work. But when it gets clogged and it fails, we immediately leave everything and focus on how to fix it.

Minor drain problems

For minor drain issues, a little do-it-yourself approach might already suffice. You can readily use the handy plunger for most clogs.

Clogged toilets, slow shower drains and blocked kitchen sinks can all be solved by using a plunger. It’s intuitive to use and there’s no technical know-how required. A plunger is already enough for most minor drain problems.

Major drain issues

The case is different with major drain issues. The clogs might be pretty solid mostly due to years of debris accumulation. In this type of situation, the power of plunger won’t be enough (especially in blocked storm water drains).

Some residents resort to mixture of readily available chemicals (vinegar, baking soda). This is in the hopes of somehow dissolving the clog. It may or may not work. But the problem will still be likely there. It’s only a temporary solution.

DIY or hire a professional?

We love the DIY ethic. This trait fosters self-reliance and ingenuity. However, there’s a limit. There comes a time when a situation requires a professional hand.

Professional plumbers and drain experts use powerful tools to remove clogs (even the pretty solid ones). They can directly remove the clog and completely turn the flow of water or sewer back to normal.

This is a more permanent solution. Your toilet, bathroom drain or kitchen sink will remain functioning perfectly for weeks and months to come.

Drain blockage Sydney

For minor drain issues, the DIY ethic will be enough. But for major issues such as drains with solid clogs, professionals should handle the job.

At Ontime Local Plumber, we carefully examine the case and apply powerful methods to completely clear the clog. Our experienced plumbers are available for convenient appointments and emergency call outs. Contact us today for a fast response and service.