About Dux

Since 1915, Dux has been committed to producing high-quality products and developing new products on an ongoing basis.
Dux provide gas, electric, solar, gas boosted solar, and heat pump hot water systems from continuous hot water systems to storage systems, all of which are Australian-made and have a strong focus on quality.

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

The Airoheat® is the industry’s most-awarded heat pump hot water system. An easy one piece, compact design makes for a quick and simple installation and the unit now includes an innovative de-icing function so there’s no need for a back-up element. The advanced Hotlogic® controller allows the Airoheat to continue running in cold climates.

Solar Hot Water Systems

We offer two choice of solar hot water systems: either gas boosted or electric. The gas boosted solar system has mains pressure hot water unlike continuous flow boosted systems, a low megajoule consumption burner, the patented Panel Management System protects against overheating in summer & frost damage in winter and is fully compliant to the new solar legislation. The electric boosted solar system has a multi-temperature sensor vitreous enamel tank configuration, a patented hotlogic® processor that constantly searches for and switches to the cheapest available energy source.

Gas Hot Water Systems

Dux offers a number of gas hot water systems. The prodigy 4 & 5 series are a gas storage system range, whereas the Endurance series are a continuous flow alternative for gas hot water systems. The 4 series has rapid reheat, available in both natural gas and LPG. The 5 series has patented flue damper technology delivering 5 star gas efficiency by dramatically reducing heat loss after the heating cycle. Both offer energy savings and are effective at providing you with hot water for when you need it.

Electric Hot Water Systems

The electric systems have full flow pressure to all taps, easy installation with water connections on both sides of tank, indoor or outdoor installation and with 25L & 50L feature attractive appliance white finish for a cleaner modern look.

Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

You can heat water as required with the continuous flow endurance range and next generation continuous flow range, resulting in reduced running costs and lower gas bills. You will never run out of hot water with Dux’s range of continuous flow hot water systems.

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