How to Fix Common Plumbing Issues in 5 Minutes: Tips for Homeowners

by superadmin on June 8, 2016 in Uncategorized

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At times, you may encounter a plumbing problem that you can fix on your own. However, this depends on the type of issue. Don’t use quick fixes for every plumbing issue; it might cost you heavily in the long-term.

Let’s look at some tips you can use to fix clogged drains, drips, minor leaks and more at home. For anything more this, you may need to contact a plumber in Sydney.

A stuck kitchen sink sprayer

It’s possibly the easiest plumbing problem you can fix. The kitchen sink has several pipes tucked under it. At times, the hose connected to the kitchen sink sprayer may attach to a water shut-off valve.

When this happens, simply slip 1.5-inch foam pipe insulation the through the pipes and valves. So, next time your kitchen sink sprayer gets stuck, fix it in the same way before informing a Sydney plumber.

A runny toilet

This wastes both your water and money, but you can easily fix it. The first check should be on the ball or flapper. Barbara Johnson, a blogger at Today’s Homeowner, outlined the procedure of replacing a flapper. Check this out to ensure it is fully closed.  Moreover, check out the chain as it could be too tight, and if this is the case, loosen it.

Finally, find out if the water level is set above the overflow pipe and adjust it to the required level. Typically, any of these tricks should fix it, but if none of them works, you may need to contact a competent plumber in Sydney.

Leaky pipes

Pipes may leak occasionally due to the contraction of water, especially in winter. When you notice a leaking pipe, the first step is turn off the water source connected to the pipe. The next step is to fix the pipe. I’ll recommend you tie a sheet of rubber around the pipe’s leaking section using a sleeve clamp or an adjustable hose clamp.

You can also stick a pencil point in the leaking hole or put a piece of garden hose on it; a quick fix recommended by Murray Anderson, a blogger at Do It Yourself.

Should you encounter other complex problems with your toilet, seek help from a Sydney plumber.