List of Residential Plumbing Services (9 Services)

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Here’s a list of residential plumbing services offered by Ontime Local Plumber in Sydney:

  1. Repairing taps
  2. Repairing toilets (unclogging, repair flush)
  3. Repairing or replacing leaking pipes
  4. Installing or replacing hot water systems
  5. Installing and servicing of gas systems
  6. Fixing shower and bathroom plumbing
  7. Unclogging drains and sinks
  8. Fixing low water pressure
  9. Comprehensive plumbing inspection before winter

In other words, plumbers can fix systems and fixtures with water or gas flowing through it. They can work on pipes, drains, toilets and taps. They can also inspect these parts and figure out if there are any problems.

1. Repairing taps

Often it’s the little things that hurt us. We won’ realise how important taps are until they’re broken. That’s why here at Ontime Local Plumber we do fast repairs so you can quickly resume with your normal activities.

Whether the tap is in the kitchen, bathroom or near the garden, our expert plumbers will diagnose the problem and fix it. We can also replace the tap with a better one if the old tap’s not working.

We can fix dripping faucets or taps that are difficult to turn. We can disassemble the tap and replace the needed parts. In the case of dripping faucets, we do this quickly to avoid further wastage of water.


2. Repairing toilets

Defective toilets make life almost impossible. Perfectly working toilets are the gifts of modern society to us. That’s why when they’re clogged, we won’t stop until it’s fixed. Some of us might have been using the plunger for far too long just to unclog the toilet right away.

Many times the plunger is enough to unclog the toilet and keep the water and waste flowing out again. But if the problem’s persistent or frequent, it’s best to allow a professional plumber to do the job. He will use a powerful tool such as a drain snake to dislodge the clog.

If the problem is more serious (e.g. a collapsed pipe which restricts flow), the plumber might do some digging and disassemble the pipes. He can then remove the obstructions and fallen debris. Next is he might replace the pipes to encourage free flow of water and waste.

What about Do-It-Yourself tips? These are good for most toilet plumbing issues. But if you want to save time and effort, professional plumbers can just instead do the job. You can then avoid the hassle and ensure the same problem won’t happen again anytime soon.


3. Repairing or replacing leaking pipes

Don’t ignore the minor leak because sooner or later it might become huge. When the leaks become big enough, expect a lot of wasted water. Worse, expect expensive property damages because of the water, moulds and microbial growth.

Small pipe leaks are hard to detect because pipes are often concealed behind floors, walls and ceilings. The issue only becomes apparent when there are signs of water damages. Nevertheless, it’s a potentially expensive problem for homeowners.

These leaks can be located, prevented and fixed by:

  • Check pipes around showers, tubs, sinks and toilets (common locations of leaks)
  • Look for small water damages and stains
  • Prevent leaks by winterising or insulating water pipes
  • Maintain recommended water pressure (40 to 45 psi, should not exceed 60 psi)
  • For significantly big leaks, turn off the water supply valve to prevent further waste

As mentioned earlier, the concealed pipes make it hard to detect the small leaks early on. That’s why professional plumbers often use specialised tools for the job. They also check the water pressure and apply safety precautions to prevent burst and leaking pipes.

On the other hand, big leaks will instantly cause a lot of damages. This is especially the case with burst pipes where large volumes of water will pour out on the area. Aside from the flooding, the resulting property damages will be a sure cause of headache and thousands of dollars of expenses (higher water bill and damaged furniture, floors, walls and ceilings).

Big leaks and burst pipes can be prevented by proper maintenance and early inspection of the plumbing system. Take note that pipes endure pressure whenever you flush the toilet and turn on the tap or shower. Any weaknesses might result to a leak which is why these weaknesses should be detected early on.


4. Installing or replacing hot water systems

Professional plumbers are also often skilled in hot water systems. They can work on the tanks and pipes of the water heaters. They can repair leaks, install new units or replace them with more efficient ones. In fact, expert plumbers can even replace and install water heaters powered by solar.

Solar-powered water heaters are considered to be more eco-friendly. After all, they only use the energy from the sun to heat the water. However, installation could be a challenge because the solar panels should be mounted on the roof. In addition, the whole setup could be a lot different than electrical or gas-powered water heaters.

Aside from new installs, professional plumbers can also replace your old water heater with new. Perhaps you found a more energy-efficient model for your home. Or maybe you just want a gas-powered or electrical water heater this time. Whichever is the case, new pipings might be needed for the replacement.

Plumbers can install the right type of pipes for replacements. They can configure the new pipings with minimal intrusion to your bathroom and property. They can also disassemble the old one and place the new unit.


5. Installing and servicing of gas systems

Many professional plumbers (such as here in Ontime Local Plumber) can also fit and repair gas pipes. In addition, they can also:

  • Detect gas leaks
  • Repair gas leaks and seal pipes
  • Replace gas pipes with new for improved safety
  • Install and repair gas metres

It’s important that only licensed gas specialists will work on your gas pipes and metres. This is to ensure safety (no hazardous leaks) and 100% reliability. This is especially the case if the gas powers your water heater.

There are easy tips to detect gas leaks (e.g. use soap solution on pipe’s surface and watch for bubbles). However, the results may be inconsistent and unreliable. Also, reliance on uncommon odours might be unreliable because the smell of the leaks might be masked by other scents.

That’s why licensed gas specialists use specialised tools and methods for the job. They pinpoint the exact location of the leaks (no matter how small) and fix the issue before it becomes worse. They also check for weaknesses in the pipes and fittings to prevent leaks in the first place.


6. Fix shower and bathroom plumbing

Common shower problems that many homeowners have already faced include:

  • Reduced flow
  • Sudden burst of hot water
  • Weak water pressure

Although shower issues are considered minor problems, these can affect the daily convenience you experienced. After all, it’s a good way to start or recap the day with a perfect shower. That’s why many homeowners also place special importance in the shower.

Professional plumbers can make the flow regular and steady. They can also check the pipes for pressure issues. For instance, they might find out that the pipes are clogged or too narrow (which results to reduced flow or sudden bursts of water every now and then). They could then repair or replace those pipes to make showering a more pleasant experience for you.


7. Unclog drains and sinks

Clogged drains and sinks can also ruin your day and night. The causes of those nasty clogs are often:

  • Accumulated dirt and debris in the pipes
  • Large obstructions that block the flow of water
  • Collapsed or warped pipes that restrict water flow

Aside from the hassle (e.g. the sink becomes unavailable), the situation becomes unsanitary because of the dirt and water accumulated (standing water). It becomes a thriving environment for bacteria and other microorganisms.

That’s why residents and families are fast to solve the issue by using the plunger or using a mixture of vinegar, hot water and baking soda. These DIY methods might work a few times. However, if the issue becomes persistent or recurring, it’s recommended to go to the root of the issue.

Professional plumbers from Ontime Local Plumber can accomplish this by disassembling some parts and pipes and then drain snaking. The drain snake will directly break down or dislodge the clog. This powerful method works well even when the clog is pretty solid.


8. Fix low water pressure

Low water pressure might be a cause of clog in the pipes. Another cause is the pipes are too narrow (or warping) to allow the free and normal flow of water. These issues can be fixed by replacing the pipes with something new or more appropriate.

Aside from problem in the pipes, the issue might be in the water pressure itself. The pressure might be naturally weak because of your location or site elevation. For these cases plumbers can install a pressure booster. This will increase the water pressure to ideal levels (40 to 45 psi). This way, you’ll get access to water conveniently and in a sufficiently fast rate.


9. Inspect pipes, drains and whole plumbing system

The above residential plumbing services mentioned above are all about fixing problems. However, proactive approach and prevention is still the best. Aside from preventing the problems in the first place, the proactive approach will allow you to save thousands of dollars in plumbing repairs and replacements.

That’s why professional plumbers also inspect the following (especially the common sources of plumbing failure and weaknesses):

  • Water pipes
  • Taps
  • Shower pipes and other bathroom plumbing
  • Drains and sinks (kitchens and bathrooms)
  • Toilets
  • Water heaters
  • Gas pipes
  • Gas metres

They will pinpoint the weaknesses and then repair or replace them. This action will prevent costly leaks (e.g. large volumes of water pouring into the floor), expensive repairs (total pipe replacement) and safety hazards (gas leaks which may result to fires).


List of residential plumbing services Sydney

Here at Ontime Local Plumber we perform all types of residential plumbing jobs no matter how big or small. We work on water and gas pipes, drains, taps, showers and toilets.

We’ve been repairing pipes and plumbing systems for over 15 years. Through the years, we’ve built a clean reputation because of our commitment to reliability and excellence.

Call us today at 1300 215 296 whether for a convenient appointment or emergency plumbing issue. We have a team of personnel ready to be dispatched no matter what time you call.