Loss of Water Pressure in Whole House? Here’s How to Fix It

by superadmin on November 12, 2017 in Uncategorized

Loss of water pressure in whole house? It’s a common problem in homes and apartments. First thing to do is check if the water meter valve or shutoff valve is fully open. Someone might have turned it off without your knowledge or consent.

Also, your local water department might have problems about a temporary pressure loss. Call them right now and ask them if the problem is in their end. It might just be temporary and normal pressure will resume after a few hours.

Once you’ve confirmed it’s not about the water meter or your local water department, it might be time now to call a professional plumber to do the job. That’s because a low water pressure is often caused by clogged pipes. The clogs or warped pipes might be blocking the free flow of water into your home.

New pipes and there are clogs or damages already?

This is possible because of improper installation and the pipes getting collapsed because of ground or tree roots above them. It’s also possible that some pipes are too small, which somehow slows down the flow of water.

Whichever is the case, a professional plumber can figure out the root of the problem. They can inspect for clogs or anything that blocks the flow of water. They can also evaluate your whole plumbing system and see if some pipes are installed improperly. They can also check if some of the pipes are too narrow.

If low water pressure has been happening for weeks or months and everything’s been done to address that, expert plumbers might install a pressure booster to get the pressure to acceptable range (usually 40 to 45 psi). It’s usually the last option because many low pressure problems are due to the things mentioned above.

Loss of water pressure in whole house Sydney

It’s a common issue in homes and apartment buildings (even in relatively new ones). Most cases it’s just temporary. In a few cases, the problem might be more serious because of piping issues and clogs.

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