Plumber Westmead

After coming from the busy Parramatta through the Westmead railway station or the North-West T-
way services (and soon through the Parramatta Light Rail), it feels exhausting and we finally want
everything to be predictable and convenient. But wait, something’s wrong with the toilet, drain, tap,
gas fitting, water pipe or hot water.

Plumber Westmead 24/7

No matter what time you call you can count on us here at On Time Local Plumber. We’ll
immediately send a plumber so you can quickly move forward with your day or go back to sleep.
We do the following in residential and commercial premises:
● Leaking water pipes (whether minor leaks or burst pipes)
● Blocked sinks and drains (total removal of solid clogs or repair of collapsed and warped
● Clogged and running toilets
● Dripping tap or other malfunctions
● Repairing and inspection of gas fitting and hot water systems
Whether it’s a convenient appointment or an emergency call out, we’re always honest and upfront
about our pricing. With a written quote and guarantee, there will be no surprises. It’s always a
certain and straightforward experience so that our customers will just focus on something else.

Kitchen and bathroom plumbing Westmead

Aside from the usual quick repairs (most of the time we complete them same-day), our professional
team also does major plumbing installations in bathrooms and kitchens (whether new construction
or remodelling).

Although health is one of Westmead’s major industries (e.g. Children’s Medical Research Institute,
Cumberland Hospital, Westmead Millennium Institute for Medical Research), we also have to make
sure that the day-to-day behind the scenes are working perfectly. It’s especially the case with the
flow of water and waste through the pipes, toilets, taps and other fixtures. All the parts and
installations should be of high quality to prevent problems in the first place.

The On Time Local Plumber ensures quality installations every step of the way. We understand that
any plumbing issue is a huge inconvenience and a major interruption in homes, workplaces, educational institutions, healthcare facilities and commercial premises. As a result, we adhere to the
highest professional standards to ensure performance, longevity and reliability.

Phone us now at 02 9199 2598 if you also value time and high professional standards. The On Time
Local Plumber is always here to make people’s lives a bit easier in these uncertain times.