How to Protect Your Home Against Plumbing Problems This Spring

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Common plumbing problems this spring include leaky pipes, clogged drains and weak water pressure. In other words, the problems remain the same no matter the season. But if you want to experience a smoother spring season, it’s time to inspect and protect your home from common plumbing issues.

1. Leak detection

The cold winter and the succeeding thawing might make the water pipes brittle and vulnerable. In addition, the use of water will rise dramatically as result of slightly warming weather. As a result, small leaks and cracks might have developed on the pipes.

Most of the leaks (especially the small ones) are difficult to detect because pipes are often hidden beneath walls and floors. The signs would only become visible if there are already watermarks on the walls and ceilings. These are very costly to repair which is why you need to detect the leaks early on.

2. Unblocking the drains

Snowmelt and unpredictable rain can cause a surge of water flow to the drains and sewer lines. If there are clogs, temporary flooding might result which would ruin your property and landscape. In addition, wastewater backup would cause serious sanitation issues.

A common sign of clogged drains is the flooding or swampy areas in your garden or backyard. This occurs because water drains really slowly or not at all. Another common sign is the slow draining of your kitchen sinks, bathtubs and toilets. It’s possible that there are obstructions or collapsed pipes which block the normal outflow of wastewater.

3. Gas pipe inspection

There should be a regular safety inspection to ensure no leaks are present on your gas pipes. Even a small leak can lead to risks and hazards, which is why homeowners ask professionals to do the inspection.

Individuals and families often have a hard time detecting whether there’s a leak or not. After all, some might have already get used to it. It’s also possible that the odour is being masked by other smells.

4. Water heater maintenance

You might have used the water heater far more often last winter. As a result, its efficiency now might have decreased. In addition, scaling could have built up as a consequence of frequent use.

Even this spring you might still be relying on the water heater for your everyday bathing. That’s why you need to make sure it’s in top condition. This way, you could save on electricity (or fuel) and get the most out of your water heater.

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