Repairing Gas Leaks on Pipes: How to Stay Safe

by superadmin on August 15, 2017 in Uncategorized

Repairing gas leaks on pipes can be hazardous and dangerous. The leaks can endanger everyone’s health and safety. In addition, there’s a potential for fires and property damage. That’s why many Sydney residents ask for help right away.

Even detecting leaks can be difficult in itself. It’s not easy to pinpoint the exact location of the problem. In addition, doing it yourself will expose you to health and safety risks.

How to stay safe

To minimise the risks on your part, professionals use specialised tools for gas leak detection and repair. They also gained expertise and years of experience. They apply safety practices every step of the job.

For instance, they first turn off the gas (this is important) before performing any repairs. They also check the pressure because high pressure is often the cause of pipe leaks and failures. These two steps are critical because of the pressure and potential fire.

Aside from detachment of the pipes, the attachment can also be equally dangerous. Reattachment and tightening of pipes can introduce new leaks and issues. That’s why technicians also put extra care when doing this critical step.

Regular safety inspections

Leaks sometimes don’t show any signs. There might be a leak in your home or business but you do not smell anything. Maybe the odour of the leak is being masked by other smells. Or perhaps the leak is just minor and no one’s able to notice it yet.

Whether it’s a minor or huge leak, the risks can still be great. That’s why many homeowners and businesses request for safety inspections for assurance. This way, professionals can identify the risks, detect minor leaks and perform pre-emptive actions.

Repairing gas leaks on pipes Sydney

Gas leaks have already claimed lives and properties. Even if it’s just a small leak, it can still lead to a catastrophe.

That’s why here at Ontime Local Plumber, we also perform gas leak repairs. Our specialists detect leaks, repair the pipes and perform extensive testing. This is to ensure the safety of your household or business.

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