Replacing a Water Heater: Why Is It Not So Simple?

by superadmin on August 29, 2017 in Uncategorized

Whether it’s gas, solar or electric, replacing a water heater can still be complex and challenging. Tanked or tankless, the situation’s the same. It requires expertise for proper installation and replacement of a water heater.

Perhaps your water heater is now old and inefficient. Or maybe you need a unit with bigger capacity and more eco-friendly (solar water heaters). Whichever is the case, you should be familiar of what it really takes for successful replacement.

Removal can be difficult

The removal can be as difficult as the actual replacement. You have to disconnect the power or fuel source. You have to disassemble some pipes and other parts. You also have to observe safety precautions (especially gas leaks and possible electrocution).

Even removal of tankless water heaters is also difficult. The piping and connection with the power source are still serious considerations. Many people think that tankless units are just plug and play. However, they still present difficulties and safety issues.

Pipings can be complex

As mentioned earlier, disassembly and reattachment of pipings are far from easy. You might even need to destroy and rebuild the wall for successful replacement. This in turn results to more expenses.

Although the investment can be worth it (water heater units can last up to over 10 years, with proper regular maintenance), we want to avoid as much unnecessary costs as possible). In addition, we want to make sure everything is in proper place. We don’t want to worry about hassles and problems anytime soon.

Safety concerns

Sydney residents often worry about safety especially when it comes to gas-powered water heaters. There are potential leaks and hazards. Also, the children might come into contact with the pipes or the unit itself.

That’s why water heater professionals often childproof the whole system. They might also perform regular safety inspections. In addition to ensuring maximum efficiency of the unit, the inspections also help in preventing hazards and safety issues.

Replacing a water heater Sydney

With proper instruction (and possibly permits from local council if needed), you might be able to successfully replace your water heating unit. However, you should be aware of the above considerations so you can accomplish the task safely.

On the other hand, if you prefer hiring an experienced technician instead, you can call us here at Ontime Local Plumber. Our water heater specialists can safely install your new water heater at affordable pricing. Call us today at 1300 215 296 and we’ll arrive on site promptly.