About Rheem

Rheem have been providing water heaters to Australian families since 1939 and have built a reliable and strong reputation over the years. They are Australia’s largest supplier of gas water heaters and are the leaders in 5 Star energy efficient gas storage water heaters.

They have the most extensive range of hot water systems available in Australia including solar, gas or electric storage, continuous flow or heat pump. They have a range energy efficient water heaters in capacities and sizes just right for every situation.

Gas Heaters

Rheem Stellar range has 330L or 360L first hour capacity of hot water and fast hot water recovery of up to 200 liters per hour.

The 4 star range consists of 4 star energy efficiency, mains pressure at multiple taps and a hi-temp thermostat so you need less hot water.

The indoor range has up to 3 star energy efficiency and from 135L to 170L models available.

Electric Heaters

The rheem electric storage water heaters are a relatively inexpensive solution to your hot water needs, ideal for use with money saving off-peak tariffs and are available in a range of sizes to suit most needs. Whether you’re a small family on a budget or a larger family with a big demand for hot water, Rheem has the solution that is right for you.

Solar Heaters

A solar water heater or heat pump can help reduce your energy usage over time and bring your carbon emissions down too. With a gas or electric booster, you can have hot showers all year round. Rheem have a wide range of options to suit Australia’s varying climate.

Heat Pumps

Rheems range of heat pumps have the same fittings as an electric water heater with no solar panels required and are relatively low cost to purchase and install.