Blocked Drain Repairs

Blocked DrainsThe Ontime Local Plumber have the tools to unclog even the most stubborn drains, so if you need a drain unclogged immediately, give us a call. With courtesy and cleanliness in mind, we can get your plumbing running smoothly again for an affordable price.

We’ll do a thorough inspection to confirm all obstruction has been removed following our clean-out of your pipes or drains. Inspections also identify the likelihood of the problem happening again, and from there, we can develop a strategy to prevent future blockages.

belly blocked drain collapsed pipe
dislocated blocked drain roots blocked drain

After serving Sydney residents for more than 15 years we’ve become pretty good at ensuring plumbing problems aren’t recurring. From commercial properties to homes, old sewage systems and new drain designs, we can help keep your property comfortable, safe and accident-free. Believe us when we say we’ve seen and fixed it all, and that your satisfaction is our number one priority.


Sydney Pipe Locating

No matter if your pipes are in your ceiling, walls or slab we can find and inspect them using electronic pipe locaters .

To receive a quote for pipe locating services or to learn more about our blocked drain services, call The Ontime Local Plumber at 1300 215 296.