Gas Installation & Servicing

Is your gas water heater acting up? Do you need a gas leak inspection?

Gas Supply & Appliance Installation SydneyWe are fully licensed to conduct inspections on gas metres, to install and repair gas appliances and to identify and fix any leaks. Whether you’re doing gas pipe maintenance or repair, The Ontime Local Plumber can help.

We service Sydney and New South Wales with the following services:

  • Installing or repairing gas metres
  • Fitting and repairing gas pipes
  • Detecting and repairing gas leaks
  • Repairing water heaters

Our plumbers strive for timely, long-term repairs, and we guarantee our work will leave you feeling 100% satisfied. We are here to help day and night, no matter how large or small your plumbing needs.

The Ontime Local Plumber offer the satisfaction that comes with professional service and timely repairs. After 15 years of service, our team can provide gas installation and repair services that prevent leaks and may even save you money on your gas bill in the long run. With our affordable plumbing and gas installation rates, you won’t need to settle for an unrecognised plumbing company ever again.

If you suspect a gas leak, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1300 215 296. If you need emergency gas repair or other gas services in Sydney, remember the Ontime Local Plumber is available day and night. Contact us today!