Tips to Preventing a Faulty Hot Water Unit

by superadmin on November 17, 2016 in Uncategorized

When a hot water unit starts to act up, it could spell disaster for the household and may mean you have a faulty hot water unit. At times, the fault is gradual and it’s not noticed for weeks at a time. Other times, the hot water unit develops a leak or stops working altogether. When that time comes, it’s an expensive repair at the time when it is least convenient. But there are ways to prevent this from happening.

Check the Temperature of the Hot Water Unit

On the side of the hot water unit, there is a thermostat that regulates the temperature of the water. It’s a safeguard to ensure that the house isn’t needlessly wasting energy heating water past where it’s useful. If it’s noticeable that the water hasn’t been as hot as preferred, check to see if the temperature isn’t set too low. If it’s too high and not properly heating the water, it could be showing the signs that it needs some maintenance.

Perform a Visual Inspection

The home’s energy could be leaking out with the hot water unit if it’s developed a leak. At least once a month, give the hot water unit a visual inspection to ensure that it isn’t losing water. A home’s energy bill could be at least 25 percent made up of the hot water unit’s power usage. Not only could a home owner spot a potential leak in the lines or the unit itself, they could save wasted energy.

Book a Routine Maintenance

To make certain the hot water unit is going to be safe from emergency repairs, it’s important to book an inspection by a professional plumber at least once every 12 months.  A local plumber will inspect the entire machine, including all the components that can’t be seen on the outside.

They can inspect the thermocouple and replace it if it’s needed. They will examine the pressure release valve, which is a popular source of leaks. They can check and clean the anode to safeguard against residue build up inside the unit that can clog and block the intake lines. They will clean the pilot and burner, as well as the sludge that accumulates inside the unit. By using a professional plumber to perform this yearly inspection, they can spot the early warning signs of a bad hot water unit.

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