Toilet Keeps Running Push Button? Here’s What to Do

by superadmin on November 29, 2017 in Uncategorized

Toilet keeps running push button? It’s bothersome and you know it will waste a lot of water. On average, 6 litres of water is flushed down the toilet after each use. Imagine instead that it continuously flushes. This will have a huge effect on your next monthly water bill.

That’s why you should fix it right now or as soon as you can. There are two approaches: DIY and call a plumber. The Do-It-Yourself approach might be enough to solve the problem. But if you don’t want to deal with the mess, call a professional plumber instead. Let’s start with the DIY:

Do-It-Yourself toilet repair

A running toilet is often caused by a problem inside the tank. You need to remove the tank lid, perform the inspections and repair the necessary parts. You might find the problem at the fill tube, float and flapper chain.

You might need to adjust those parts (or repair and replace them) to make your toilet functional again. For example, you might need to adjust the float to a certain water level. A wrong setting might be making the tank overflow or produce a weak flush.

Toilets and tanks might have different parts and assembly. Also, if there’s a replacement needed, it can be very challenging (and messy). You also need to clean up the area after the repair. If you prefer an easier route, call a professional instead.

Call a Sydney plumbing professional now

DIY is a straightforward and fast approach because you can already do something right now. Thankfully, you can also call a plumber right now and he’ll arrive promptly on site. There are emergency plumbers now who are available 24/7 even during evenings and holidays.

While waiting, you might need to turn off the water supply to prevent further waste of water. Once the plumber arrives, he will diagnose the problem and quickly perform any repairs. He will then clean up the area after the job so you won’t have to do it yourself.

Toilet keeps running push button

Here at Ontime Local Plumber, we can repair your toilet no matter what time you call (call us now at 02 9199 2598). We determine the real problem, do the repairs and clean up the mess after each job. Call us today and we’ll provide you with upfront pricing.