Unblocking a Drain Sydney: Why Most Methods Don’t Work

by superadmin on September 3, 2017 in Uncategorized

Unblocking a drain can be a huge hassle. In most cases, the Do-It-Yourself methods might work. But then there are just those times when nothing happens at all. It’s unpredictable. One day using the plunger might work, the next instance it’s not. Using vinegar, baking soda and warm water might work today. But next week it might not.

One reason is that you’re not dealing with the root of the problem. There might be bigger underlying issues you need to solve first. This way, you won’t get exhausted using the plunger. You would also get peace of mind that you won’t need a drain service anytime soon.

What are the most common blocked drain problems?

In most cases it’s just a clog that blocks the flow of water and waste. The plunger or some DIY methods might work for this. However, it’s totally different when the clog is pretty solid. The plunger and the dissolving power of chemicals will not work.

Aside from solid clogs, pipe deformations will also prevent water and waste from flowing freely. Perhaps a portion of the pipe collapsed. This problem is hard to figure out. It’s also possible that this is the case if the drains are repeatedly clogged.

In other words, the issue is beyond the surface. To prevent the problem from recurring, you need to remove the solid clog or repair (or replace) the pipe. This way, the waste and water can flow freely. But how can you accomplish this?

What are your options?

To get to the root of the problem, you might need to do some digging and disassemble parts and pipes. However, this is laborious and time-consuming. In addition, you need some tools to do it all.

That’s why many Sydney families and business owners just call a drain professional. Experienced pros can quickly figure out the problem and solve it. They might even solve it within the same day (including evenings and weekends).

Experienced drain professionals also use appropriate tools for each job. They even clean up the site after each task. Solving the plumbing and drain issues always get messy. But professionals can take of it all so you won’t do anything.

Unblocking a drain Sydney

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