Unclog Drain? Here’s what you can do

by superadmin on March 30, 2017 in Uncategorized

How to unclog drain? Fortunately, there are a few quick things you can do yourself. These methods might help solve your problem immediately. Although they might be quite laborious if you do it all yourself, at least the problem gets solved quickly.

Also, there might be problems that require professional attention. This is the case when the clogs are pretty solid and the DIY methods won’t work anymore.

Anyway, let’s discuss first what the quick ways are so you can unblock the drains:

Use the plunger

This is the most straightforward way to solve common and minor blocked drains.

People often quickly reach out to the plunger whenever the toilet, kitchen sink or bathtub gets clogged. It’s a handy way to unblock the drain and move on with your day.

How does a plunger work? The pumping motion that you do might cause the clog or debris to move somehow down the pipe. When the debris moves further down (or gets out of the way of the water), the problem is solved.

Use baking soda and vinegar

You might have heard about this before. But you’re not sure if there’s really anyone who tried it.

Well, it might work. That’s because baking soda and vinegar might somehow react with the clog and dissolve it. When the clog changes shape or gets smaller, it might go down the drain and make the water flow freely.

Some just add the vinegar (and then the baking soda). Some only pour either of one and the results start to show.

To start, prepare one half cup of vinegar (or baking soda). Pour it down the toilet, drain and sink. Only use relatively small amounts whenever you do this.

Pour hot water

This also might be effective. The hot water might also somehow dissolve the clog. It can clear out small clogs easily.

But be careful though. If you have PVC pipes, the hot water might damage or warp those. That’s why it’s good to make it just hot (not boiling). Also be careful when carrying the kettle (or whatever container) and when pouring the hot water.

But wait, what if the drains are still blocked?

The above methods could work well for minor problems. But if the clogs are pretty solid, no matter how much time and effort you put in, it might all just go down the drain.

To deal with serious problems, it’s good to hire professional plumbers who can do the job. They use powerful equipment to clear out the clogs. They can also perform a thorough drain inspection so all the clogs will be totally cleared out.

Unclog drain services in Sydney

If your toilet or drains get blocked regularly (or the water drains slowly), it’s time to call the professionals to do the work.

They can get rid of the problem once and for all. They can also prevent future problems from happening anytime soon.

Contact us today if you’re noticing any signs of clogged drains. You can call us at 1300 215 296 and our friendly staff can respond to you 24/7.