About Vulcan

Vulcan provide high quality hot water systems at affordable prices. They are a leader in technological innovation – ensuring that your Vulcan hot water system will last many years – backed by a 5 year cylinder warranty.
Vulcan offers gas, electric and solar hot water systems with a range of storage systems.

Gas Hot Water Systems

They offers a range of standard gas electric hot water systems and a range of four star Vulcan Freeloader gas hot water systems.

Electric Hot Water Systems

Vulcan’s Electric hot water systems come in either standard or compact sizes.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Vulcan offers electric boosted solar hot water systems. These include an indirect system that has the storage tank installed on the ground and the panels installed on the roof which is frost protected at 160 litres in storage capacity. They also offer a direct system, where the tank and panels are both installed on the roof with a 160 litres capacity.

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