Water Heater Replacement: When is it Necessary?

Considering a water heater replacement? In any home repair, upgrade or improvement, you might also be thinking about the cost. After all, why spend much if there’s a cheaper solution for your water heater.

When do you need a water heater replacement?

Let’s first talk about replacement. When do you actually need to replace the water heater? What are the signs you should first look for?

The most common reason is that the unit might be way past its service life. Many water heaters have an expected service life of about 8 to 12 years. In addition, that useful lifespan might vary depending on frequency of usage, water quality, integrity of the installation, maintenance and other factors.

Aside from useful lifespan, another consideration is the changing needs of the family. In other words, the replacement might be due to change in holding capacity of the water heater. Maybe your family now needs a bigger or smaller capacity depending on recent changes.

Frequent malfunction and the need for better efficiency are also common considerations for hot water replacement. Maybe you need a more energy-efficient unit or the unit suffers frequently from leaks. In these cases, replacement is advisable.

When does hot water unit repair or maintenance suffice?

There are also cases when a simple repair or maintenance is enough. These require far lower costs compared to the replacements.

For instance, leaks and scaling are fairly easy to fix. In addition, the water heater problem might be caused by a minor electrical issue. Again, this is easy to repair.

If you notice that the water is not warm as it should be, there might be problems about sediments, corrosion or defective heating element. Simple maintenance procedures done by an expert would be enough to solve these problems.

Final tips

It’s important to perform accurate inspections and troubleshooting before the repairs, maintenance or replacement. This way, you can get the most value from your money. You also ensure that your water heater will always be at its best whenever you need it.

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