Solar hot water system repairs: Common problems and solutions

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Need solar hot water system repairs? Before you contact a professional to provide you with the service, it’s good to know the common problems and solutions first.

Common problems with solar hot water system

Solar hot water systems provide convenience to many Sydney homeowners. That’s because they can now rely on our all-time best energy resource (the Sun), instead of depending on oil or electricity grid to have hot water.

Also, more and more Australians now are becoming environmentally conscious. Many people are now aware of the environmental effects of using fossil fuel. In addition, it’s good to use what we always have which is the sun (it’s free, you only pay for the equipment).

But as with all other systems and equipment, solar hot water systems are also exposed to problems (especially after months and years of use).

Scaling in the collector, heat exchanger and piping

One such problem is scaling. It’s common even in traditional hot water systems. That’s because they all use water that is high in mineral content. These minerals can accumulate (especially the calcium deposits) and interfere with the proper functioning and efficiency of the system.

To remove the scales, professionals use both chemical and manual-based methods. It’s a straightforward way. The chemicals can dissolve or “soften” the scales. When doing it manual, professionals remove the scales from the surface (e.g. heat exchanger surfaces).

Corrosion in the iron or steel component

This is also a common problem. It’s natural and it will happen eventually.

Anyway, what is corrosion? Basically, it’s the deterioration of metal due to chemical reactions and environmental conditions. The most common form of corrosion is the rusting of iron.

Many metal structures and components are prone to corrosion. Solar water heating systems are no exception.


Solar water heating systems consist of pipes and connections. It’s similar to the water pipes and plumbing we have inside our homes.

That’s why leaks are also possible. Heat can escape from those leaks, which makes the system inefficient. It’s important to capture and deliver most of the heat to make the most out of your solar heater system.

NSW solar hot water system repairs

To solve the roof mounted solar water heater problems, it’s good to hand it over to the professionals.

The parts and the whole equipment require extra care during maintenance and repair. As much as possible, you want the equipment to function normally again without any need for replacements.

That’s why we at Ontime Local Plumber do our best to make solar water heaters working at optimum again. For over 15 years, we’ve already solved the mysteries behind plumbing and solar hot water system leaks.

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